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Reviews of Defensive Revolver Fundamentals, I interview Gila Hayes, and more!

This is a "Monday catch-up" post, wherein I realize that I've put this stuff on Facebook but not the blog!

First up: renowned trainer
Tiger McKee recently wrote a very nice review of my revolver books (Gun Digest Book Of The Revolver and my new Defensive Revolver Fundamentals) for The Tactical Wire. This is pretty exciting to me, as he is one of the most direct descendants of Jeff Cooper and is a proponent of both the 1911 pistol and of the "Modern Technique" -- all of which, as you're probably aware, are very different than my personal viewpoints! To have him find value in what I've wrote is an incredible (and humbling) honor.

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Speaking of books, a few weeks back I interviewed
Gila Hayes, author of the new book "Concealed Carry For Women", on The Gun Nation Starring Doc Wesson. (Doc's been giving me grief that I've not mentioned him sufficiently in my articles and interviews, so I'm trying to make amends.) Gila and I talk about the book and the thoughts and motivations behind what she's written. It's a superb work and any woman who is considering carrying a concealed handgun needs to have it in her library. (Frankly, any male firearms instructor should have it too, so he understands some of the things that women need to take into consideration when figuring out how to keep a gun with them.) You can listen to the recording of that show; my interview with Gila starts about a third of the way in.


Speaking of The Gun Nation: in case you missed it last week, here's a recording of
the latest episode of The Gun Nation Featuring Doc Wesson. Doc and I talk about the Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Conference I just attended, I review the new book "Lessons From UN-Armed America" by Mark Walters and Rob Pincus, and we talk about hunting season, favorite shotguns, and a whole lot more.


Finally, don't forget that
I'm a regular cohost on The Gun Nation Presented By Doc Wesson. It happens every other Wednesday evening at 6:pm Pacific/9:pm Eastern, and you can listen LIVE!

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Monday Meanderings: Taurus wants more, and I (again) get some nice press.

The Truth About Guns alerted me last week to the new Taurus ad campaign. It’s the gun industry version of the sappy and vaguely patriotic campaign commercial, complete with an insipid soundtrack and earnest voice-over by the candidate. Well produced, but it’s going to take more than glitzy PR nonsense for me to take Taurus seriously as a defensive handgun maker.

Instead of telling us how they’re going to be great, I’d be more impressed if they just went out and did it. As much as I admire Jessie Duff, her presence doesn’t tell me anything about whether the guns actually work. I am, however, keeping an open mind. With me, it's all about the quality: if their guns get better, I'll recommend them. If not, I'll continue to tell people to stay away from them for any serious use.


In his blog over at American Rifleman,
Wiley Clapp gives a nice review of my Gun Digest Book Of The Revolver. I'm very pleased that it continues to garner great reviews, and to have someone of Mr. Clapp's reputation appreciate my modest contribution to the shooting world is immensely gratifying.

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Monday Meanderings: Nice book review, and a new blog.

You can read a nice review of my book, the Gun Digest Book Of The Revolver, over at
the Sigspace blog. (And no, the name isn't what you think it is.)


Ian at
Forgotten Weapons (one of the coolest gun blogs going) has started a new blog: GunLab. In his words, it's about "firearms design, engineering, and fabrication." He's decided that his ultimate goal is to build reproductions of some odd and rare guns, and to that end he's started taking classes to become a machinist. GunLab will chronicle his journey, and along the way look at how guns are invented and produced. If it's half as good as Forgotten Weapons, it's going to be terrific.


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Apparently they're looking at the pictures.

One of the most common compliments I get about my
Gun Digest Book Of The Revolver regards the pictures. People tell me that they appreciate the photography, and I'm happy that they noticed - I went to a lot of effort to make sure that the photos supported the text, that the reader could look at them and get the point easily. Apparently, the goal was met!

My publisher, Gun Digest Books, was so taken with them that they've put up a gallery on their site
featuring 20 of the photos from the book. If you haven't yet gotten your copy (you haven't?!?!?), here's a taste of what you'll see.

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Book reports.

I got two very nice compliments on my book (the
Gun Digest Book Of The Revolver, in case you're just tuning in) this week.

The first was from a lady who chose a revolver for her own personal defense needs, and was pleasantly surprised to find that my book helped her learn how to handle her gun when her auto-shooting CHL instructors fell short. She said some very kind things in her email, and I'm glad that the book was available to help her in her quest for self-reliance. Knowing that I've been able to help someone from afar is a great motivator!

The second came in
a book review from Greg Ellifritz, over at his Active Response Training blog. Greg's been writing for a while now - though his entry into the blogosphere is relatively recent - and is one of the few people who isn't afraid to buck conventional wisdom. His "Alternate Look At Handgun Stopping Power" made waves when he released it last year, as it dared to attempt to quantify something that a lot of us have suspected all along: there isn't a whole lot of difference in effectiveness between the major handgun calibers. His conclusion? There isn't, and he's got the evidence to prove it.

In short, he's my kind of guy. His review was quite complimentary, and I'm gratified that someone of his experience and standing in the industry appreciated what I had to say.

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My book finally made it to iTunes!

iPad owners, you no longer need to feel that you're playing second fiddle to the Kindle aficionados out there - because
The Gun Digest Book Of The Revolver has finally come to the iTunes Bookstore!

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My ears are burning!

I always love listening to Mark Vanderberg and Doc Wesson over at the
Gun Rights Radio Network. Mark is the force behind GRRN, and when he finds any spare time he also does the Gun RIghts Advocate podcast. Doc is well known for The Gun Nation podcast, on which I've been a guest. Both podcasts have a presence on GRRN’s discussion forums.

Every so often they get together and do what they call the "
Bar Stool Discussion", a joint podcast which they do live (though I've always listened to the recording.)

On a recent episode they talked - unbeknownst to me - quite a bit about my new book, and said some very complimentary things.
You can listen to the discussion here; my segment starts at 1:13:00.

Before that they interview Alex Haddox, the man whose voice was made for broadcasting, who does the
Practical Defense Podcast. If you’ve never listened you should, as he has one of the better podcasts on the topic. He too has a new book out called "Practical Home Security", and it sounds interesting enough that I'm going to order a copy for myself.

-=[ Grant ]=-

Another great review of my book!

Gila Hayes over at the Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network (ACLDN) just posted a
very nice review of The Gun Digest Book Of The Revolver in their monthly journal. (In the interest of full disclosure, Gila is both a friend and the person who introduced me to my publisher. She is also known for her scrupulously ethical writing, which makes me doubly proud of her review.)

For those waiting for my book to come to the iPad, the publisher assures me that it's coming "soon" to the iTunes Bookstore. Not sure what's taking it so long, but they tell me the delay is on the iTunes end of things. As soon as it shows up I'll let you know.

(Speaking of the ACLDN - are you a member yet? The ACLDN is the premier organization for anyone who keeps a gun for self-protection. It's not unusual for justifiable self defense cases to end up in the courtroom, and the ACLDN provides support to its members should that ever happen. They also provide educational resources, attorney and expert witness referrals, and much more.

Take a good look at their benefits, look at the renowned experts who sit on their board, and seriously consider putting all that to work for you by becoming a member.

I know there are competing organizations with similar-sounding products looking to make a quick buck from you, but the ACLDN is where your money should go - they're the professionals. Regular readers know this isn’t the first time I’ve praised the ACLDN, and I'll continue to do so because I believe they are the best and most trustworthy resource in the field.)

-=[ Grant ]=-

Monday Meanderings: holidays, old guns, my book.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend - ours was filled with windstorm destruction and a blown head gasket on my primary vehicle. My spare time for the next couple of weeks will be filled with hauling debris and fixing an engine. Why can't these things happen in summer, when it's nice to be outside working?


Thanksgiving weekend seems these days to be filled more with thoughts of football than of peaceful coexistence with one's fellow man. Here in Oregon we had our annual Civil War Game - Oregon State University versus University of Oregon, the prize being the opportunity to play in another game of some sort. (No, I don't follow college football - does it show?) I personally find it rather sad that folks can tell you who's playing, why they're playing, who the head coaches are, and even the names of a couple of ousted coaches from a college clear back in Pennsylvania - but can't name five of the top physics programs in the country.

(Just for the record, this is not age-related curmudgeonliness - as my siblings will gleefully tell you, I had precisely the same opinion as a kid.)


Someone (could have been
Tam, but I’m not absolutely positive) recently turned me on to a cool gun blog: Forgotten Weapons. Lots of great stuff about guns you may not even know existed, presented with a decidedly scholarly bent. Immediately became one of the few in my daily RSS feed.


A couple of days ago I found out that my new book, The
Gun Digest Book of the Revolver, is being sold in the U.K. by Amazon. As of this morning the folks across the pond only had two copies left, which sounds as though it's a big seller over there. Then again, they may have only ordered three copies total - this realization serving to keep my ego in check!

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