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This one's worth watching.

I just realized that I'd not alerted you to this - how neglectful of me!

Mark Craighead, owner of Crossbreed holsters, has put his resources behind a new shooting show: Trigger Time. He's put together a great team of professionals to bring you the latest training, information, and shooting techniques. It's broadcast on the Pursuit Channel, which is available on some cable systems as well as DIsh and DirecTv.

If you don't have one of those services, however, don't fret! Craig is a child of the modern era, and has seen fit to post all of the show's segments on the
Trigger Time website immediately after they're aired! I wish more broadcasters would join us here in the 21st century - {COUGH}OutdoorChannel{COUGH}.

No, I’m not on the show; that would be too much awesomeness even for Craig to handle. But the other guys are pretty good, so be sure to check it out!

-=[ Grant ]=-

P.S.: Confidential to Sigspace - be careful what you wish for, as it may come to pass. Soon.

My weekend.

Lots of stuff going on and lots of things pulling me in different directions this weekend - all of them shooting related, in some fashion.

On Saturday ace gunsmith and all-around good guy Todd Koonce and his fiancee Amanda Anson were married. Sadly I had a prior commitment and couldn't be there, but I'm happy for the new couple. (Todd's the guy I pictured hovering over his bluing tanks in the Book Of The Revolver, and is soon to be seen in another book. Shhhh - I can't talk about that just yet!) They're great people and I hope they have a long and wonderful life together.

Sunday my wife and I made our way up to
Firearms Academy of Seattle. I was there last weekend teaching Combat Focus Shooting with Rob Pincus, but this weekend we were there to catch up with Massad Ayoob and Gail Pepin, along with Marty and Gila Hayes and several other folks that we don't get to see all that often.

Rob was able to stick around to take Mas' MAG-20 (classroom) course, and came away with a sentiment
similar to that which I've offered on many occasions: it is really a "must" course for those who are serious about keeping a firearm for defense. It covers all the “stuff” - the legal, practical, and ethical things - that you aren’t exposed to in courses that teach you to shoot. Mas is still THE GUY for this kind of information, and you should seriously consider signing up for that class.

Several people came up to me during the breaks to express their thanks for this blog and my book. Most bloggers are obsessed about the number of people who read their work, and it's easy to forget that it's not about the numbers - it's about how you can reach and help other people. It's really quite humbling to know that somewhere out there are real folks who appreciate what you do.

We arrived home at 1:AM this morning, tired but very happy that we've been privileged to know the people we do!

-=[ Grant ]=-