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I'm sorry, but I do not offer factory-level polished blue finishes; I recommend either the factory service center, or a top-quality refinisher such as Ford's Guns.

The finishes I offer are very subtle, yet modern-looking. Cylinders are normally "banded": a small portion of the cylinder is polished bright so that the bolt rides on a smooth surface, improving the trigger pull. If you do not wish to have the cylinder "banded", you must request that it not be done.

Finishes for Stainless Revolvers

SatinSteel: This is a pearlescent bead blast; it's not shiny, but not "dead matte" either. Slightly darker than a typical factory matte finish, this is my personal favorite.

SatinSteel S&W Model 66 with GraySteel cylinder flutes

A very matte, non-reflective, dark finish; it does show wear and scratches, however.

Gray Steel GP-100 (click to enlarge)

Dual Tone Finishes: Make a special gun even more special. Popular combinations include:
- Satin Steel with Gray Steel top strap (wonderful for glare reduction!)
- Satin Steel with bright polished cylinder flutes (easy to clean, adds a bit of "flash" without being gaudy)
- Satin Steel with Gray Steel cylinder flutes (very subtle and distinguished)
- Gray Steel with polished cylinder flutes (very eye-catching; great contrast)

Finishes for Blue Revolvers

BlackPearl: This starts with an extremely fine pearlescent bead blast, then the gun is blued in an old-fashioned "caustic bluing" bath - the kind that almost no one does any more! The result is a gun that is extremely dark blue, bordering on black, non-reflective, but at the same time having a sheen. Unlike regular polished bluing, this wears not to ugly bright metal, but to a greyish highlight that says "patina" rather than "worn out." Pictures (coming soon) just don't do it justice!

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