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Repatriated Ruger GP-100

This gun was one of a number of "re-imports" from a police agency in New Zealand. These were specially ordered from Ruger with 4" barrels, fixed sights, and factory bobbed double-action-only hammers.

The gun had seen quite a bit of wear, had excessive endplay and the typical Ruger problems: heavy, gritty trigger pull and lots of sharp edges everywhere.

The client, an experienced instructor, specified that the first criteria was reliability; this was to be a training/carry gun, and it was imperative that it fire any commercially available ammo.

The problems with endplay and timing were corrected, and then the enhancements were added. Of course, I started with my Super Action job, which resulted in an 8-1/2 lb double action pull with the desired reliability on all primers, along with a crisp reset.

After that, I added an adjustable trigger stop to cure the typical Ruger overtravel, rounded and polished the sharp-edged trigger, and removed all of the sharp edges inside and out. I then finished the gun in the customer's choice of my Gray Steel beadblasted finish (dark gray and completely non-reflective.)

See the polished line on the cylinder? It's not for decoration (though it looks
terrific), but to smooth out the trigger pull. The cylinder bolt riding on that area would impart a slightly "gritty" feel to the action were it not mirror smooth!

Note the rear sight cut: the client asked for a better rear sight picture, so the beveled rear notch was milled out to give a flat, non-glare surface.

The action must be felt to be appreciated; it is completely linear and amazingly smooth. Rugers often have a little "hitch" just before the sear releases, which was eliminated. In addition, the infamous Ruger "false reset", which often causes people to "lock up" the action, was reduced so that it is nearly imperceptible.

This gun is superbly accurate, and now possesses an action that is competitive with a nice Colt Python. Yeah, it's that good - and the happy owner agrees!

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Super Action Job
Chamber chamfering
Round & smooth trigger
Muzzle crown
Trigger stop