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Don’t See A Class In Your Area?

I get a lot of inquiries that ask “when are you going to be teaching in my area?” Well, the answer is simple: until someone asks me to, I won’t be!

As you might imagine, it’s tough to hold an out-of-town class without knowing someone in the area. I don’t know the ranges or the people running them, and they don’t know me, so I rely on folks just like you to find a range that would be interested and introduce me to the decision-maker; from there I can make all the necessary arrangements!

Beyond that, all I’ll ask of you is to help publicize the class: put up some flyers (which I’ll supply) at the range and the gunstores in your area, and if you have a local internet firearms forum post an announcement there. It’s not hard, and for your trouble you’ll get to attend the class as my guest. (That’s right: you get
free training!)

All we need is a suitable range and some people who want to experience great training; if you have those, please
contact me. Tell me what course(s) you’re interested in, where you’re located, and if possible when you’d like to hold your class. We’ll go from there!

Host A Class of Your Very Own!

I’m also available for hire! Sometimes families or groups would like to hold a class and limit the attendance to their members, or a range or club would like to use a class as a fundraiser. I’m happy to help! For such events I charge a day rate plus expenses, and the group takes care of everything else: finding attendees, collecting tuitions, and handling publicity. If that describes your preference, please
contact me for information on rates.