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What do industry experts and leaders say about Grant Cunningham?

“Grant is an experienced instructor and one of the finest revolversmiths in the country. All I can say is, ‘you can take Grant’s advice to the bank.’ “
- Massad Ayoob, Massad Ayoob Group Inc.

“Grant is an established expert, and has been for many years. Yet, if you look at what he teaches, you see new information, you see progressive concepts and you see cutting edge insight. Grant has continued to evolve His ability to communicate information, especially the way he can distill the essence of a concept from a cumbersome explanation and efficiently get a student to grasp the important principles.”
- Rob Pincus, I.C.E. Training Co.

“…a gifted educator…an unpretentious and accessible delivery of handgun training. His approach offers a unique/refreshing alternative for the less “tactical-minded” segment of the potential self defense training market.”
- Corrina Peterson, Editor, F+W Media - Gun Digest

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If you're a self defense student or possibly a revolver enthusiast, this is your home. You'll find a wide range of resources, from technical information to self-defense, particularly (though not exclusively, as the picture above will prove) with regard to the double-action revolver.

I'm a renowned author, self defense trainer and gunsmith who teaches others how to defend themselves with firearms.

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So, how did I get into this business? Well, it’s a long story...

I learned the art of forming, machining, and polishing metal in my family’s jewelry business. As a teenager, I apprenticed to a Master Watch and Clockmaker, where I perfected my skills in precision workmanship. Through this I became accustomed to working on extremely complicated machinery, and with parts that need to be fitted down to 1/10,000 of an inch.

Years ago, I obtained a Colt revolver - my first. I wasn’t happy with the action, and looked for a qualified gunsmith to do the job. I was told that no one in my area would work on one, since they were “just too complicated.” In my mind a Colt couldn't be any more complicated than a watch, so I resolved to do the job myself, applying my skills and precision tooling to the arcane Colt action. Success!

Shortly thereafter I met Massad Ayoob, the famous trainer and head of the Lethal Force Institute, who handled some of my early Colt work and pronounced it to be "good". With his encouragement and support, I continued to refine my work and became known across the U.S. From there it grew!

All during this time I’d been teaching others how to shoot (especially how to shoot the revolver), and that combined with some national name familiarity resulted in my first book contract. That book, “The Gun Digest Book Of The Revolver”, has been called the standard reference work on the double-action revolver. I’m proud to have been able to bring that to the market!

I continue to write books (I’m up to three right now, with more to come) and teach classes around the country. I’m best known for my revolver classes, but I teach autoloader classes and rifle classes and sometimes (if someone asks nicely) even a shotgun class. All of them are oriented to teaching honest, law abiding citizens how to defend themselves or their loved ones from criminal predators.