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What is a "Good Trigger"? - A guide to properly judging double and single action triggers.

Pull weight is only part of the equation - What are the other considerations when ordering action work?

All You Ever Needed to Know About Lubricants - My simple, down to earth explanation about oils and grease.

Can I Use +P Ammo In My Colt? - A comprehensive guide to the use of high pressure ammunition in older revolvers.

My guide to speedloaders - The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Are Colt revolvers "delicate"? - Some facts to counter wild internet rumors.

Why I don't work on Taurus revolvers - I like them - I just wish they were built a little better.

Measuring chamber throats - Want top accuracy out of your revolver? Here's what you need to do - and how to do it properly.

The Revolver: Unappreciated Advantages - Things about the revolver you may never have considered! (link opens in new window)

Care and Maintenance of Lightweight Revolvers - What you need to know about that ultra-light gun! (link opens in new window)

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