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Revolver Operator’s Course (ROC)

If I may be immodest for a moment, very few people know the revolver inside and out like I do. I've spent many years working both on them and with them, and along the way I've learned what makes them run, how to keep them running, what they like to run on, and - most importantly - the most efficient way to use them to protect my life and the lives of those around me.

I've distilled this information into a new class called Revolver Operator’s Course (ROC). It's your chance to learn everything you can about the double action revolver!

ROC is all about how to live with the double action revolver. It’s a course on running the gun the most efficient way possible for the context in which you’ll use it! Snubby or service revolver, this course will teach you how to “run the gun”!

In this course we'll cover virtually all aspects of using the double-action revolver: shooting, handling, carrying, maintaining, and accessorizing. Whether you're new to shooting, or just to the revolver, this class will teach you everything you need to know to operate the quintessential American handgun.

You'll learn the reasons the revolver is a good choice for self defense; how to fit it to your hands; what grips work (and which don't); the various ways of carrying spare ammunition (and the situations where one is better than another); how to clean and maintain your wheelgun; sighting options (and what to do if your eyes aren't as young as they used to be); holster options; how to pick ammunition for practice, competition or defense; the secrets of sight adjustment; performing fast and efficient reloads appropriate to the situation; and even what malfunctions can occur and how to clear them rapidly and efficiently.

Of course we’ll cover proper double action trigger technique (and why it will improve your autoloader shooting), how to deal with the uncommon but very disruptive revolver malfunctions, and even how to reload your revolver one-handed, with both your strong hand and your weak hand!

These are optimized procedures for using the revolver, not warmed-over autoloader techniques! Whether your revolver experience is in sport, hunting, or self defense, you'll learn something from this course.

Who Should Attend?
The Revolver Operator’s Course is a one-day class for anyone who has a revolver and wants to know how to operate it efficiently. If you already have a good grounding in defensive shooting (like Combat Focus Shooting or an equivalent course) and just need to know how to run a revolver, or if you just want to know as much about your snubnose or hunting wheelgun as possible, the Revolver Operator’s Course is for you! It’s suitable for both new shooters and those with some experience under their belts, and I’ve had students from 18 to 70 years of age!

This class has a low level of physical activity, and we can work around any physical issues you might have.

Prerequisites and Equipment Requirements
The only prerequisite is a good grounding in safe gunhandling, and a basic understanding of how your revolver functions.

You’ll need your revolver, several speedloaders or Speedstrips, and approximately 250 rounds of ammunition. A holster that does not collapse when you draw the gun is not required, but is very helpful.

Where Is It Held?
Of course you can attend this class in my home state of Oregon, but I’m available to teach anywhere in the United States. If you’d like to bring the Revolver Operator’s Course to your area, please
drop me an email!

Please check my
Schedule page for currently open classes.