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Articles by Grant Cunningham:

The Universal Revolver Reload - a reload technique designed for utmost efficiency

Self-defense, stopping power, and caliber - my 9-part myth-busting series on this important topic

My thoughts on safety rules - the articles that caused an online firestorm!

Mastering the Double Action Trigger (external link - opens in a new window)

The Revolver Malfunction Drill (external link - opens in a new window)

Bullet of the Month Club - unintended consequences of constantly changing your carry ammo (external link - opens in a new window)

Links to my favorite articles from other qualified authors:
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Respectful Irreverence by Rob Pincus

How to Host a Training Course by Rob Pincus

Defensive Striking by Kelly Muir

Maximizing the Combat Grip by Chris Fry

How Should You Practice After Training? by Claude Werner

Training Conferences: Bang for Your Buck by Rob Pincus

Are There Holes in Your Training Resumé? by Marty Hayes

Dare To Know! by Rob Pincus

Consider the 20-gauge shotgun by Massad Ayoob

Should you teach your wife to shoot? by Kathy Jackson

What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self Defense Law by Marty Hayes
(16-page booklet in PDF format. It is a MUST HAVE!)

Dry Reps can lead to Poor Performance by Rob Pincus
(Why dryfire may not be all it’s cracked up to be.)