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Training with Grant Cunningham!

Why should you train with me?
An important discussion about what and why I teach. Even if you don’t take a class from me, this is important stuff!

Concealed Carry Handgun Skills
You’ve got your concealed handgun license for concealed carry - but do you have the critical skills you need to neutralize a threat to your life? This one-day course will give you the vital knowledge you need without the “fluff”!

Home Defense Handgun Skills
Do you have a handgun for defending yourself in your home? This unique one-day class will give you both the shooting skills and the planning knowledge you need to prevail!

Defensive Revolver Fundamentals
You’ve read the book - now take the class! My exclusive course that teaches you how to use your revolver, whether snubnose or full-sized, to defend your life!

Revolver Operator’s Course
If you’ve already got a good grounding in defensive shooting and just want to learn how to run the wheelgun as efficiently as possible, this is the class for you!

Perimeter Defense with the Rifle
Do you have a rifle for home and homestead security? This is the class that will teach you how to use it efficiently and effectively!

Combat Focus Shooting
The famous defensive shooting course that teaches you how to neutralize a threat as efficiently and effectively as possible!

Find out about my open enrollment classes. (Private classes are not listed on this schedule.)

Hosting a Grant Cunningham Class
Interested in taking one of my classes, but don’t see one near you on my schedule? Consider hosting a class of your own! It’s easy and a lot of fun.